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Stabilizer Bar Link Kit for 1978-2015 Domestics 1pc Front 16304

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Note: HD Design, 1/2 Ton~ HD Design, 3/4 Ton~ HD Design
EngineId Size: V8; 5.0L; ; 302cid, V8; 5.3L; ; 5328cc; 325cid, V8; 4.8L; ; 294cid
Position: Front, Front To Arm
Drive Type: AWD, RWD, 4WD

Bushing #1 I.D.: 0.392
Bushing #1 O.D.: 1.212
Bushing #1 Length: 0.855
Bushing #2 I.D.: -
Bushing #2 O.D.: -
Bushing #2 Length: -
Bolt Size: 0.378
Bolt Thread Size: 3/8-16
Bolt Length: 8.625
Sleeve Length: 3.972
Package Contents: 1 Bolt, 1 Sleeve, 4 Bushings, 4 Washers, 1 Lock Nut
: 16304

Driving with a faulty stabilizer bar system is like walking on one leg and hoping not to fall. A stabilizer bar imparts inertial properties to your vehicle and keeps its body flat while taking sharp turns. It is engineered to reduce body roll and absorb impact while driving on bumpy roads. If you hear a ceaseless clunking originating from the tire area, it is your stabilizer bar system calling out for help. Listen to its plea; get yourself a new one

•Enjoy quieter, smoother and more predictable driving
•Custom-made to meet or exceed OEM specifications
•Keeps your vehicle stable and isolates it from impacts
•This item has been designed with the latest CAD programs and computer equipment
•Unique bushings that make installation easier

Be sure to double check the fitment section and ensure this part fits your vehicle.
This product comes with a life time guarantee to be free of defects in material and workmanship. Our guarantee is valid only if our product has been properly installed in the vehicle for which it was designed to fit.