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About Us

About Us

We’d love to talk shop over classic car parts down at the swap-meet, but since we can’t do that, we’ll do the next best thing. Let us take this opportunity to introduce ourselves, and tell you a little bit more about the Collectors story. 

Where We Came From

Like so many good things, this story starts a long time ago. Jim, the founder of Collectors Auto Supply, had great taste in cars from a very early age. He proudly drove to high school in his grandmother’s old 1954 Dodge. And when he wasn’t tinkering around on it, or on his family’s other cars, he delivered Meals on Wheels to those in need, using that same Dodge.

Of course, with a car of that vintage, he spent half his time hunting for spare parts. So, he started shopping for parts at every swap-meet he could find, then cataloguing those parts using an old Apple 2C computer (speaking of vintage machines). And that’s how it all began.

He started tracking down parts from across North America, and getting them to the people who needed them. At first it was a hobby, and he squeezed it in while he was supposed to be working hard at his full-time office job. (Don’t tell his old boss.) Pretty soon, though, he started hiring people to help him hunt down the parts, then he set up an import-export office in Washington state, and he was on his way. Jim was one of the first guys to use eBay to find and sell parts, which gave him the idea that would eventually become Collectors Auto Supply.

Today, Jim is the national president of VCCC (Vintage Car Club of Canada) and is enjoying a well-deserved retirement. But Collectors rolls on, with brothers Mike and Chris Ware taking over the driving duties. Oh, by the way, Jim still has his grandma’s old 1954 Dodge.

The Road Ahead

What you’re looking at right now on this website is just the beginning. Absolutely, we’ll continue to be the best place to find the restoration parts you need to complete your classic. Whether you’re looking for classic Ford or GM restoration parts, classic and reproduction Mopar parts, or antique car parts for your imported classic, we’ve got ‘em. But more than that, we’re going to keep building out this site as your go-to place for expertise, tips, entertainment and a community of classic car fiends, just like yourself. Because you needed another excuse to spend more time on the internet.

Why You Should Ride With Us

Finding the perfect part for your classic car can be difficult, and even frustrating. And let’s be honest… What makes it worse is a general lack of customer love in the industry. That’s why we’re here, and that’s why we’re different. We’re car people just like you, and we know what you need. And if we don’t already know it, we’re listening. So, contact us if you need help finding a part, or have an idea for how to improve our website, or anything else. Or if you want to do it the old-fashioned way, give us a call at 1 (800) 414-4462.

Sound good? Then take a look around.