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Some car names are accurate descriptions

Posted by Dale Edward Johnson on Nov 21st 2022

The name of a car sometimes is a very precise description.For example, Henry Ford was descriptive when he called his 1896 invention a Quadricycle. It used bicycle wheels and in some ways look like a f … read more

Car names that bring out the animal

Posted by Dale Edward Johnson on Nov 15th 2022

A trip to the zoo might lead to sightings of bobcats, cobras, cougars, rabbits or tigersOr, you might also see Bobcats, Cobras, Cougars, Rabbits or Tigers if you go to a classic car show or cruise nig … read more

An historical perspective of the origin of car names

Posted by By Dale Edward Johnson on Oct 5th 2022

Any classic car show is likely to include some Cadillacs, DeSotos, Lincolns and Pontiacs. But the names for these popular cars – and many others – came from historical figures.The Cadillac is named in … read more