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Classic Buick Parts

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Vintage Buick Parts

When it comes to vintage cars, few can match the timeless elegance and charm of Buick. With a rich history dating back over a century, Buick has captivated car enthusiasts and collectors alike. Whether you're restoring a classic or simply looking for hard-to-find parts, the world of vintage automobiles offers a treasure trove of opportunities. Let's take a closer look at the fascinating world of vintage car parts and the vehicles they bring back to life.

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Where Can I Find Buick Parts near me?

If you want to restore your Buick to show quality, you'll find most of what you are looking for at Collectors Auto Supply. Classic Buick parts business is what we do.

Checkout our old Buick parts list to find what you need. We don't carry new old stock, everything we sell is a new replacement part for your vintage vehicle.

Are Buick Parts pricey?

The replacement parts for vintage Buicks are reasonably priced. Newer technology has made it easier and more affordable to reproduce these parts, ensuring that Buick enthusiasts can find what they need without breaking the bank. While some rare or highly sought-after pieces may be a bit more expensive, overall, vintage Buick parts are accessible to all who appreciate the beauty of these timeless vehicles.

What are the different kinds of Buick Parts?

We commonly sell ball joints and other suspension components, interior pieces like speaker boxes, and sound-deadening material to reduce the noise coming from the engine compartment.

What models do you have parts for?

At Collectors Auto Supply, we pride ourselves on having a wide selection of parts to suit various models. Whether you're working on a classic Buick Riviera, LeSabre, Regal, or Skylark, you'll find the items you need to bring these iconic vehicles back to their former glory. From engine components to exterior trim pieces, our inventory is constantly updated to meet the demands of enthusiasts like yourself. Browse through our extensive collection and let us help you make your vintage Buick shine once again.

Buick Weatherstripping

It's the best time to swap out the window seals on your car if they're becoming banged up. We have all the necessary components to protect your vehicle from the weather and the elements. We have bumpers and grommets, splash shields, seals, gaskets, windlace, window seals, window sweeps, coil spring insulation, and hundreds of other Buick pieces.

Vintage Buick Parts Exterior Components

Buick gas-tank strap kits, weatherstrips, anti-squeak kits, fender covers, full car covers, shock absorbers, chrome trim, and other exterior parts are available for purchase. We offer fast shipping on in-stock items and many of our made-to-order items will ship within a few weeks.

Insulation and Sound Deadeners

Pick up some new insulation materials to keep unwanted noise out of your vehicle! We have insulation and sound deadener kits, hood insulation pad heat shields, firewall insulation, kick panels, trunk insulation, cowl to dash covers, and more.

Buick interior restoration parts

Replacing the old and worn-out parts with brand-new ones is the best way to bring back that classic Buick vibe! Package trays, trunk mats, interior panels, sun visors, interior trim, consoles, windshield seals, and other interior parts for most Buick models. We also have a great selection of colors on our carpets and floor mats.

Classic Buick Suspension and Steering Parts

Prevent an accident and apply all that power to the ground by replacing your old Buick suspension and steering parts. Keeping your Buick tuned and maintained is critical for peak performance and safety. We have bolts, coil springs, leaf springs, bushings, rack and pinion, control arm and ball joints, and more.

Buick Accessories & Supplies

We've sourced hard-to-find parts and accessories so your Buick can look neat and brand new. We've also sourced shop manuals, screw kits, fasteners, tote bags, and other essentials.

You should always use a reputable, specialized supplier when restoring a vehicle or replacing damaged or missing trim. Restoring an antique, classic, or vintage vehicle is a specialized task, and our products are of the highest quality. We guarantee that our parts are of the highest quality and our prices are very competitive. All of our Buick items are designed to fit the original manufacturer's specifications and standards for a proper fit. Furthermore, our modern production techniques and current technology are utilized to deliver the highest quality aftermarket parts for your project.

Collectors Auto Supply has 30 years of experience helping customers find what they need to complete their restoration. Give us a shout today and see how we can help you!

Where can I find Classic Buick Parts Online?

If you're in search of classic Buick parts online, look no further than Collectors Auto Supply. With 30 years of experience in helping customers find the perfect parts for their restoration projects, we are your go-to supplier for all things Buick.