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Car Weather Stripping

Automotive Weather Stripping and Sealing is an important aspect of classic car restoration. You’ve poured endless hours into the interior of your classic car. It’s time to make sure all that hard work isn’t ruined by rain, snow, and other elements. Collectors Auto Supply carries car weather stripping and seals to help keep your vintage vehicle’s beautiful interior looking its best.

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Molding, Sweeps, and Seal Lockstrips

Automotive weather stripping and seals fill the gaps around car doors, windows, windshields, hoods, sunroofs and other areas. When properly installed, window seals reduce moisture and leaks by keeping water out and create a more comfortable ride by reducing wind noise and whistling. The rubber seals around windows and doors help with noise insulation and prevent the rattling of windows on your door frame as you drive.

At Collectors Auto Supply, you’ll find everything from replacement windshield seal lock strips to car window sweep felt kits. Our new weather stripping parts are durable, replicate OEM specifications, and are easy to install. You can purchase individual pieces to replace worn parts, or you can find complete kits to revamp your window beltlines. Be sure to check our fitment charts to guarantee you’re getting the right fit for your specific make, model, submodel, and year.

Weather Stripping for Automobiles: Windshields, Sunroof, Roof Rails, Trunks, and More

In addition to car window weather stripping, we carry a variety of weatherstripping for classic cars. Weatherstrips for your trunk lid will keep it from rattling and protect anything you have tucked inside. Roof rail rubber strips run between the edge of your roof and the edge of door windows or car bodies. These strips protect the interior from rain and wind and provide a cushion from door slams. We carry individual weatherstrips designed for specific areas and full kits that include door seals, roof rail seals, trunk seals, and beltlines. No matter your needs or vehicle specifications, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our inventory of good quality parts.

What does it cost to replace the automotive weatherstripping on a classic vehicle?

Depending on the make and model of the vehicle and the extent of the replacement needed, the cost of replacing weather stripping on a classic car can vary. For a complete weatherstripping replacement, the average cost ranges from $200 to $500.

The Collectors Auto Supply team are car experts and eager to talk shop and help. If you’re looking for a particular part or have any questions, feel free to contact us online.