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Bolts for Classic Car Restoration

A missing or broken bolt can lead to serious consequences, particularly if the bolt belongs in the suspension or steering. The good news is that bolts give you plenty of warning before they bring the ride to an abrupt end. You’ll know the suspension needs repairs when your car rides roughly, drifts or pulls while turning, dips while stopping, has damaged or oily shocks, or has uneven tire wear. No worries, though, because with the entire variety of critical suspension bolts available with us, you don’t have to delay the repairs even for a day!

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Suspension and Steering Bolts for Classic Cars

The main parts in any car’s suspension and steering are joined by different types of bolts. For example, camber bolts are used to modify the car’s camber angle and return the wheel alignment to its proper specifications. Spindle pinch bolts and nuts hold together the ball joints. There are dozens of smaller bolts, nuts and washers that are critical to the car's proper drive. For your ease, the classic car experts at Collectors Auto Supply have bundled together all related bolts and nuts as bolt kits that fit multiple makes and models.

Buy the Right Nuts and Bolts for Your Car

Loose or improvised bolts can compromise safety and ride quality. Having been in the vintage car auto parts business for 30 years, we can assure you that you will get the right bolts and bolt kits the first time. Just make sure you read the Fitment section carefully and order the right part for your car’s make and model.

How to Find the Right Suspension Bolts and Kits

  • Use the intuitive filter menu to select your car’s make, model, year, and the part you are looking for
  • Select the product and recheck the fitment section at the bottom of each product page
  • Call us toll free if you are not sure or cannot find the bolt you need