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Classic Car Covers

When you have a classic car, you want to protect it when not driving. Many elements– weather, debris– can cause damage to your vintage ride. A classic car cover should be a perfect fit, no matter the occasion, and with adequate protection. It should also fit your budget, and the climate in your area.


Covers For Classic Cars

We list the models and years for our covers, with a range of several years. This way you can make an informed decision about your indoor or outdoor options, especially for extreme weather conditions. We always list availability and if you can get covers made-to-order. These work well if you have a classic model such as a Chevrolet Nova; you can shield that with a Car Cover For 1968-1979 Chevrolet Nova Chevy II.

Consider, for example, if you have a Buick Skylark Wagon. This classic model has been updated and released for 46 years, with the First Generation coming out in 1964. We have a Car Cover for 1964-1972 Buick Skylark Wagons. It’s designed with lightweight and portable fabric, making protection a convenience.

If you simply need a fender cover, we have those as well. Our Fender Cover for 1961-1987 Buick Skylark Regal Grand National Century comes from REM Automotive. You can use our search tool to determine if it is a fit for your vehicle.

Factors That Determine Your Cover Needs

Climate is the biggest consideration when choosing a cover. Temperature and humidity can provide different challenges for protecting your car from damage, especially in tropical or extremely hot areas. UV rays in the desert, the coast, or in areas closer to the Equator can cause damage to the paint job, as well as to leather, carpet, fabrics and paint within the interior. These regions require a cover that has UV protection, and will prevent potential damage.

Humidity can trap moisture on your car’s exterior and interior. When that happens, the water vapor can condense into droplets and develop mold, or mildew. You want car cover material that does not trap the moisture, no matter the humidity.

Precipitation is another concern. In addition to rain, snow and sleet can cause potential damage. A default car cover should be waterproof, and ice-proof in some cases. If excess water gets into the engine or brake system, it can cause problems.

Your car’s resting spot may also determine the type of cover that you need. Some collectors have garages where they can let a classic car sit in between uses. The indoor covers required protect against dust rather than heat or humidity. They are more lightweight as a result,

The model and make of your car can determine the necessary size and shape. In some cases, a collector may prefer to order a custom fit that can protect a specific type of car, which is often costlier than a universal fit.

Protect Your Classic Car With Material From Collectors Auto Supply

Collector’s Auto Supply wants to do more than become your prime source for classic car parts. We want to provide valuable knowledge to your customers, as well as love for those seeking hard-to-find components.

To find out more, please reach out to our experts, especially if you have specific requests on car covers or other parts. When you need an answer for your car enthusiasm, we will provide it, along with our promise for quality and customer service.