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Your car’s suspension consists of hundreds of small and large components, and this section features the miscellaneous suspension parts that you could not find in the other sections. You can shop here for track bars, trailing arms, suspension knuckles, shock mounts, and other suspension parts for your Chevrolet, GMC, Jeep, Dodge, Buick, GMC, Toyota, and other classic or vintage vehicles. 

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Miscellaneous Suspension Parts for Classic Cars

Restoring old cars can teach you a thing or two about suspension parts. After all, a regular person may not be able to tell the difference between a track bar and a trailing arm. But, a collector and restorer knows that the track bar restricts the front suspension from swaying sideways while a trailing arm is most often used to hold the rear axle in place. Suspension knuckles are knuckle-shaped suspension parts that join the wheels with the steering and the suspension. If you’re not too sure about the parts your car needs, ask someone who knows. That includes us!

Why You Should Never Drive with a Bad Suspension Part

A stitch in time saves 9, goes an old English adage. Nothing could explain it better than a bad suspension part. Driving with bad or broken suspension parts can lead to further damage and expensive repairs, even crashes. That’s why you should replace a bad suspension part as soon as you notice it.

Tips for Buying Suspension Parts for Classic Cars

  • Make sure you know the correct part name. Consult a professional if you’re unsure
  • Buy associated parts such as bushings, mounts, and bolts along with the main parts
  • Use the intuitive filter menu to select your car’s make, model and year
  • Select the parts you need and recheck the fitment section at the bottom of each product page
  • Call us toll free if you cannot find the right suspension part for your classic car

Why Buy Auto Parts from Collectors Auto Supply

  • Top Brands: We carry top classic car auto-part brands we have been using for decades.  
  • Premium Quality: We use the best materials and implement strict quality control.
  • Vast Inventory: You can get all types of suspension parts for most classic vehicles. 
  • 30 Years of Experience: We have been helping car collectors fuel their passion by supplying auto parts for more than three decades.
  • Bulletproof Guarantee: The parts you are buying are guaranteed for workmanship or material defects. They are assured by Collectors Auto Supply’s 3D promise and trusted by more than 100,000 satisfied customers.

Browse our range of classic and vintage car suspension parts—manufactured by classic car experts who are as passionate about restoring and maintaining old vehicles as you. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you don’t find what you need.