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Vintage Shock Parts for Restoring Classic Cars

Shocks are one of the most important parts of your car. They maintain a connection with the ground and absorb any bumps in the road to keep you safe when driving.

Shocks absorb the vibration that is caused by rough pavement, uneven terrain, and heavy loads. In addition, shocks help reduce body lean which can cause accidents during turns or in braking situations.

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In a modern car, shocks provide comfort and control as the suspension moves up and down. In a classic or vintage car, these shocks are often used to maintain the original ride height of the vehicle.

Classic Car Shock Parts

It can be tedious trying to find the perfect shock parts for your classic car or vintage truck. Fortunately, at Collectors Auto Supply, we have a wide selection of vintage shock parts for any classic car restoration project.

Shock Mounting Kits

Shock mounting kits, like this rear mounting kit for a 1937-38 Oldsmobile, keeps the shock absorber attached to the suspension system. Depending on the condition of your local roads, and how often you can take your vintage vehicle for a drive, these may need to be replaced often, along with your shock absorbers.

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are a critical component of any automobile. They’re responsible for enduring all of the bumps, dips, and potholes in the road to allow your car’s suspension system to work properly. They can even be seen as an essential safety feature because they help maintain control of the vehicle by reducing body roll during cornering.

Shock Absorbers for 1955 Ford F-250

For classic Ford truck lovers, these shock absorbers for 1955 Ford F-250 provide a smoother, quieter, and safer ride in your standard duty truck.

Shock Absorbers for Multiple Dodge Models from 1951 to 1970

Similarly, these Dodge shock absorbers for multiple 1951-70 models accomplish the same for dozens of classic Dodge cars and trucks.

Shock Absorbers for 1958 Ford Thunderbird

Our shock absorbers, like these heavy duty shock absorbers for a 1958 Ford Thunderbird, are precisely engineered with advanced computer technology to ensure a custom fit.

Shock Absorbers for 1960 Lincoln Models

These Lincoln shock absorbers are perfect for two- and four-door Lincoln Continental and Lincoln Premier models released in 1960.

Shock Absorbers for Multiple Vintage Models from 1937-1960

Boasting a wider degree of application, these shock absorbers fit almost 700 classic car models produced between 1937 and 1960!

Find Classic Car Shock Parts at Collectors Auto Supply

Once you’re finally able to take your vintage car or truck out onto the road, you’ll want to be confident that your experience isn’t ruined by potholes and other bumps in the pavement. However, to be certain you’re investing in the right auto parts for your project, you need a classic car parts supplier that you can trust.

At Collectors Auto Supply, we’re passionate, knowledgeable, and collaborative. We love being able to contribute to any project, from simple maintenance to complete restoration. If you want to discuss vintage shock parts with us further, contact our team today.