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Classic DeVille Restoration Parts

Replacement Parts for your Cadillac DeVille Restoration

The Cadillac DeVille was originally a trim level and later a separate model produced by Cadillac. The first car to bear the name was the 1949 Coupe de Ville, a pillarless two-door hardtop body style with a prestige trim level above that of the Series 62 luxury coupe. The last model to be formally known as a DeVille was the 2005 Cadillac DeVille, a full-size sedan, the largest car in the Cadillac model range at the time. The next year, the DeVille was officially renamed the Cadillac DTS.

The name "DeVille" is derived from the French de la ville or de ville meaning "of the town". In French coach building parlance, a coupé de ville, from the French couper (to cut) i.e. shorten or reduce, was a short four-wheeled closed carriage with an inside seat for two and an outside seat for the driver and this smaller vehicle was intended for use in the town or city (de ville). An (unshortened) limousine or (in the United States) town car has a division between the passenger and driver compartments and if the driver's seat is outside it may be called a sedanca de ville or town car.

The first Cadillac "Coupe de Ville" was shown during the 1949 Motorama. It was built on a Cadillac Sixty Special chassis and featured a dummy air-scoop, chrome trim around front wheel openings, and a one-piece windshield and rear glass. The interior was black and trimmed in gray leather, including the headliner, to match the roof color. It was equipped with a telephone in the glove compartment, a vanity case and a secretarial pad in the rear armrest, power windows and highly decorative chrome interior trim. The prototype "Coupe de Ville" was used by GM President Charles E. Wilson until 1957 when he presented it to his secretary. At some time during this period it acquired a dark Vicodec roof. The prototype "Coupe de Ville" was found and restored in the 2nd decade of the New Millennium; it is currently (2016–17) in a private collection in London, Ontario, Canada.

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Restoring a Cadillac DeVille

Completing a restoration of a Cadillac DeVille comes with challenges and finding quality replacement parts is usually one of them. Here at Collectors Auto Supply, we have a range of parts for your project that are made in the USA to the exacting standards of your vehicle. 

Classic Cadillac DeVille Headliners

It may not be immediately evident, but people tend to look up when they take a seat. So if the ceiling of your car is starting to sag or looks in any way ragged, it's likely that others will think poorly of your prized-classic automobile regardless of how much work you've put into it. Fortunately for you though (and us!), we at Collectors Auto Supply have done our best to assemble a superb selection of classic components and parts - like headliners and insulation - to put the final touches on your restoration.

Vinyl headliners are available in a variety of colors and patterns to match your vehicle's interior. They can be ordered with or without the optional sun visor extension. Installation instructions are available to help with the project. 

Vintage Cadillac DeVille Sun Visors

Your car's interior is full of small and simple parts that don't get noticed, but they each serve a purpose. Sun visors are often overlooked, yet they're an integral part of your vehicle's interior! The right replacement sun visor will create a clean uniform look inside your car while deflecting harsh sunlight as you drive to the next big show. Whether you’re remodeling something new or want to put those finishing touches on your classic ride, don’t forget about high-quality replacements for the old ones!

Cadillac DeVille Carpet Replacement

If you need car carpet or flooring, we can help! Find the perfect fit for your classic car. Carpets are difficult to maintain and clean because they're exposed to all sorts of food spills, snow and dirt. Rest assured that our carpets were made carefully by hand with a copy of your original automotive flooring in mind; each one fits like a glove. In addition, installing quality carpets will make for much quieter rides since it'll insulate against outside temperatures and noise. We have tons of options so take some time browsing through our inventory today!

Panels & Package Trays for Vintage Cadillac DeVille

Replacement panels are available for many different models of Cadillac DeVilles including arm rests, door panels, package trays, console lid inserts, seat backs, etc. They're reproduced to look just like original parts and can be ordered in several colors.

You need filler boards or side panel for your old Chaddy? We have it! Do you need headliner board trim sail panels kick panels backer boards side panel trunk board- no problem! Our high-quality products will make the interior look great by covering up wires and gaps in metal that are leaking out from the cabin. It also shields from outside noise and temperature.

Replace your Vintage Cadillac Deville Hood Insulation

Under-hood insulation pads and heat shields are custom made for your vehicle, providing an easy fit. The acoustic insulation material is also available to help hide the unsightly underside of your hood. It's pre-cut and ready to install with instructions included and a hardware kit included in the package.

The hood insulation for a vintage Cadillac DeVille is made of foam rubber, which is situated on top of the radiator and between the cowl and the hood. The hood insulation is also commonly referred to as a cowl seal or cowl insulation. 

Cadillac Deville Firewall Insulation Replacements

The firewall insulation for a vintage Cadillac DeVille is situated in the engine compartment against the wall that separates it from the interior of your vehicle. It has a dual purpose- to control temperature within your car and provide sound deadening, so you have peace and comfort while driving. When dealing with older models like this one, it's important to have both qualities in order to make sure you're working comfortably

Reproduction Cadillac Deville Suspension and Steering Parts

If you need replacement Cadillac DeVille suspension parts, we've got them!

We have a wide selection of Cadillac Deville suspension parts for sale. Whether you need an axle, ball joint, steering knuckle, tie rod end, or other suspension parts for your Cadillac DeVille, we've got it.

We also sell aftermarket suspension kits for the Cadillac DeVille. These kits include all the necessary components for a complete restoration of your car's suspension systems and include everything from bushings to front struts (or shocks).

Weatherstripping for your Classic Cadillac DeVille Restoration

Weatherstripping is essential for any automobile. It may not be the most important part of your car, but it's definitely up there. The weatherstripping on your vehicle helps to seal everything and keep out water, which can lead to rusting underneath your car or bad smells inside the vehicle. Finding replacements for these parts can be difficult - that's why we've compiled a list of the most common weatherstripping you'll need to restore your vintage Cadillac DeVille.

Collectors Auto Supply

Collectors Auto Supply is a company dedicated to restoring old cars to their original condition. We sell new reproduction parts for classic cars and trucks. When it comes to restoring a DeVille or simply replacing broken or missing trim pieces, you should stick with a supplier you trust and one that specializes in vintage, classic, and collectible automobiles. Our vintage auto restoration parts are of the highest quality and our prices are competitive.