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The Fleetwood is a luxury car that was produced by Cadillac, a division of GM or General Motors, from 1976 to 1996. The Fleetwood name was previously used as a prefix on several of Cadillac's models dating back to 1935 to identify different trim levels. 4-door Fleetwoods had longer wheelbases than Cadillac's Series 62 and DeVille models. The longer wheelbase provided more stability and better handling at higher speeds.

Until the end of the 1984 model year, Fleetwood was a rear-wheel drive car. In 1985, Fleetwood became a front wheel drive vehicle and remained on that chassis until 1992. In 1987, Cadillac offered a stretched wheelbase version named the Fleetwood 60 Special. This name was last used in 1970 for the non-Brougham rear wheel drive Fleetwood. The rear wheel drive cars built on the older Fleetwood platform dating from 1977 continued to be available as the Fleetwood Brougham which was later shortened to the Brougham. In 1993, Cadillac introduced a Fleetwood as a new rear-wheel drive luxury car but it was discontinued after 1996.

Prior to 1934, all Cadillacs could be ordered with bodies that were built by the GM’s Fleetwood plant in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, instead of the Fisher Body that was the standard. Between 1935 and 1941 the Cadillacs carrying the Fleetwood name were assembled in Fleetwood, PA exclusively.

When it comes to restoring a Fleetwood or simply replacing broken or missing trim pieces and installing new Cadillac weatherstripping and custom fit Fleetwood insulation, you should stick with a supplier you trust and one that specializes in vintage, classic, and collectible automobiles. Our vintage auto restoration parts are of the highest quality and our prices are competitive.

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