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Classic Car Gaskets

Gasket Replacement for Classic Cars

Collectors Auto Supply brings you the widest variety of gaskets, seals and weatherstrippings for the most popular (and some not-so-popular) American classic cars. These high-quality HD rubber and foam gaskets are as tough and resilient as they come. They will fit perfectly provided you bought the right part for your vehicle’s make, year and model.

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Why Your Classic Car Needs a New Gasket

Gaskets are static rubber seals that go between two flat surfaces, such as joints, pumps, interior, and engine. When intact, gaskets prevent leaks and block air, water, oil or temperature from crossing over into undesirable areas. When broken, an inexpensive gasket can seriously affect the performance of your expensive vehicle. Luck for you, we can send you a new gasket, whatever the make or model of your classic car.

High Density Rubber Gaskets for Classic American Cars

Rubber seals and gaskets are available for multiple models of classic 2DR/4DR sedans and trucks from Ford, Chevrolet, Blazer, Mustang, Lincoln, Cadillac, Dodge, Buick, GMC, and most other popular vintage cars. You can find a detailed list of compatible makes and models at the bottom of each part’s page.

Features of Gaskets and Seals

High-Quality: All gaskets, seals and weatherstrips are made to order in the U.S. Each seal is precision-molded from OEM parts for a hassle-free, spot-on fit.

Tough Materials: Manufactured from EPDM Rubber, these gaskets provide perfect sealing between flat surfaces and can withstand high pressure, temperature and weather elements for years to come.

Exact Fitments: We have gaskets, weatherstrippings and seals for interior, doors, windows, engine, suspension, and all other parts of your classic vehicle.

Number of Pieces: The number of pieces can vary depending on the specific gasket you need. See each item’s page for details regarding the number of pieces.

Guarantee: The gasket seal you are buying is guaranteed by Collector Auto’s 3D promise and the trust of more than 100,000 satisfied customers.

How to Know if Your Gasket is Blown

You can tell if a gasket is broken by observing fluid leaks at the joints where it is installed. The head gasket can get damaged if the engine is overheated. You can feel a loss of power, as the blown gasket allows the pressure to escape, significantly reducing the engine’s performance. The car will start overheating faster and you can see the coolant and oil leaking into areas where they don’t belong. When the suspension gaskets need replacement, you can hear thuds and noise from the shocks or axle joints. You should consult a mechanic to find out exactly which specific gasket needs to be replaced.

Browse the most extensive range of replacement gaskets for all popular classic car makes and models. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you don’t find what you need.