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Splash Shields for Classic Cars

You’ve given your vintage ride a beautiful paint job, remodeled the interior, and replaced all the old, outdated parts. You might think you’re done renovating your classic vehicle, but you could be missing one important accessory: the splash shield. When driving, rocks, dust, water, and debris can be kicked up into the underside of your car. This can cause damage to your engine and cost you more money down the road. With splash shields from Collectors Auto Supply, you can give your classic car or truck the water and dust protection it needs.

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Engine Splash Shields

Water and engines don’t mix. A good splash shield can protect your engine bay from splashed up water and dust, ensuring a longer life for your engine. Spending a bit of money now on a splash shield can save you from large engine repair or replacement bills later. We carry a great selection of splash shields designed to perfectly fit your classic car.

Our engine splash shields are made to order in the USA, and they are digitally cut from top-grade masticated rubber to ensure a proper fit and years of use. We make it easy to find the right product for your car. Select your make, model, submodel, year, and other information on the sidebar to narrow your search results. Always look at the fitment chart on the product page to double-check you’ve got the right fit.

Door Panel Shields and Weatherstrip Seals

The engine isn’t the only part of your car that can benefit from a splash shield. Your doors and interior can also be protected with an easy-to-install barrier. We carry water shield vapor barriers that are placed between the door panel and door frame to prevent water damage. This will keep your door panels from wearing out. We also have weatherstrip seals that conceal tiny gaps on your vehicle to prevent water, dust, and other debris from entering the cabin and ruining the interior. Just like our engine splash shields, these are made in the US with high-quality materials.

Replace or Install a Splash Shield on Your Classic Car

At Collectors Auto Supply, we’re just as passionate about cars as you are. Whether you need to replace a worn splash shield or install a new one, you’ll find the right product the first time with us. Our team of experts is always eager to help, so if you have any questions or are interested in a splash shield, please contact us today.