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1958 Ford Thunderbird Parts

The 1958 Ford Thunderbird is a classic car that has been around for over 50 years. It was discontinued in 1960 but has since made its mark on history as one of the most iconic cars of all time.

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The Ford Motor Company’s first production model of the Thunderbird was introduced on October 15th, 1955 at the New York Auto Show. Since then, this car has become known for its aerodynamic shape, powerful V-8 engine, and sleek lines that have paved the way for other future automotive designs to come!

1958 Ford Thunderbird (Second Generation)

The 1958 Ford Thunderbird went through many changes from its predecessor, the 1955 T-Bird. In addition to an all-new body that seemed to defy gravity, it also had a more powerful engine and “improved” suspension system.

This car has been classified in many different ways over the decades, but most agree that it is a two-door convertible with styling that was inspired by jet aircraft. The 1958 Thunderbird had an engine that was capable of producing up to 322 HP which made it one of the most powerful engines available at the time.

Many people claim that this car paved the way for all future automotive designs because it has so much history behind it and continues to be “ahead of its time.” This model set a new standard for all future Ford production vehicles as well as those from other companies!

The 1958 Ford T-Bird Remains Popular among Classic Car Collectors

Interest in the Thunderbird has grown since it was first introduced. There are many people who love this car, and it’s estimated that nearly 25% of all Thunderbirds are now registered as classics.

With the rising popularity, prices for these cars have also increased. There are a few reasons that we can point to for this interest and appreciation.

1. Customization

One thing that people love about the 1958 Ford Thunderbird is how easy it is to customize these vehicles. There are countless ways for people to customize their cars. Some classic car owners will leave everything stock, while others may completely redo the interior and exterior of the car.

The main things that people do when customizing their 1958 Thunderbirds are the paint job, adding accessories like rims and spoilers, rebuilding components like engines or transmissions, and painting upholstery. There is almost no limit to how creative you can get by customizing your vehicle!

2. Iconic Success

The Ford Thunderbird was one of the first production cars to have a concept that focused on having fun. The Thunderbird being successful caused other companies to follow suit with their own versions of “fun” cars. This has created an interest in car enthusiasts because the Thunderbird itself is so iconic.

3. Value

As mentioned earlier, there are many people who love this car and consider it an investment. It is believed that classic Ford Thunderbirds will continue to appreciate in value as new generations discover them.

Classic Ford Parts for 1958 Thunderbird

The 1958 Ford Thunderbird is a beautiful car, but you must be aware of the many pieces that make up this wonderful vehicle. The suspension and steering parts, for example, are vital to maintain an easy, peaceful drive.

To maintain this system, you may need to replace anything from the coil springs to the shock absorbers. The tie rod ends and idler arm may also need to be replaced if they’ve been damaged.

However, not everything that requires your attention will affect performance. Experienced restorers have learned not to underestimate the value of good window sweeps, and the fickle nature of rain clouds.

Find the Best Vintage Car Parts for a 1958 Ford Thunderbird

Restoring and maintaining a vintage vehicle can be exhilarating. That’s why, at Collectors Auto Supply, we love sharing this passion with other enthusiasts.

Better still, we also have the knowledge, experience, and collaborative spirit necessary to help you make your next project a success. For more information on how to keep your 1958 Thunderbird in top shape, reach out to our team today.