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Interior Insulation & Sound Deadener

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Interior Insulation & Sound Deadeners

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Is the sound of road noise driving you mad? Tired of shouting to be heard by passengers and cranking the radio up as loud as it will go to drown out the noise? Our sound deadening kits can help. These high-quality kits dampen outside noises so you can fully enjoy every drive. And if you ever miss the rhythm of road noise, the crack of a window will bring it back.

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Benefits of Insulation Sound Deadeners

Sound deadeners do more than just reduce the sound of the road under your tires and other drivers. These insulation cutouts can also eliminate the annoying rattling and racket caused by panel resonance, creating a quieter, more luxurious car interior. You’ll be able to clearly hear your radio, comfortably take phone calls (if you have a hands-free device installed) and easily chat with passengers. The insulation can go both ways and prevent people outside your car from hearing your music or conversations.

Interior sound deadeners don’t stop at noise. They can also help with temperature control, keeping you cozy during all seasons. Our sound deadeners can double as thermal insulation, giving you two great benefits in one simple product. Heat Shield will protect your interior from harsh outside temperatures.

Our Classic Car Sound Deadeners are Easy to Install

Interior insulation and sound deadeners from Collector’s Auto Supply are convenient and easy to install. Our kits come pre-cut, and they’re ready to be installed in your vehicle’s floors, roof, door panels, trunk and even cowls. Want to insulate the entire interior of your car? You’ll find complete kits that have everything you need. Looking to replace part of your current insulation setup or just missing a few pieces? We also carry several individual kits to give you help where you need it.

Our kits are clearly labeled with the make and model of the vehicle they’ll fit as well as whether it’s a complete kit or a partial one for the roof, cowls, floor, etc. We also have in-depth fitment charts so you can confidently know the kit you’re choosing will fit the submodel, body style and door count of your classic or vintage vehicle. Collector’s Auto Supply has a team of enthusiastic customer service experts ready to help. If you have questions or aren’t sure which kit is right for you, feel free to reach out.