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Trunk Mats

No restoration project is complete without trunk mats, sometimes also called trunk floor mat covers, cargo mats or trunk insulation. Collectors Auto Supply brings you the most extensive range of top-quality trunk mats for multiple models of classic Ford, Chevrolet, BMW, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Dodge, and most other popular collector cars.

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Why Buy Trunk Mats for Your Classic, Vintage or Antique Car?

Trunk floor mats, cargo mats and trunk covers prevent the cargo in your car’s trunk from sliding around and causing noise and damage. Trunk covers and boot liners also protect the trunk’s interior from grease, spills and dirt. They provide padding to save the cargo from abrasions, shocks and bumps.

What is the Best Material for Classic Car Trunk Floor Mats?

Car trunk mats come in a variety of materials. Some are manufactured from ultra-high-definition rubber. Some have an acoustic shield backing that absorbs the vibrations and prevents the mats from slipping. Some are molded and cut from vinyl and some have burtex as the base material. We have thousands of trunk mats in our inventory, so chances are you’ll be able to find trunk mats that fit your car’s trunk exactly.

What if I Can’t Find the Right Trunk Mats for My Vehicle?

All of the classic car trunk mats are made-to-order here in America. Just get in touch with us and we’ll manufacture a customized mat for your vintage, antique or classic automobile.

Vintage Trunk Mat Features

· Made in America: All of our trunk mats are custom manufactured in the U.S. from high-performance materials tested for extreme conditions

· Exact OEM Fit: Precision cut from copies of OEM trunk mats for an easy and exact fit. Check the dimensions before ordering.

· Available for All Classic Vehicles: Trunk floor mats can be manufactured to order for popular vintage and classic cars dating as far back as the 1900s. Contact us for more details.

· Robus Protection: Protect your car’s trunk from dirt, snow, debris, and spills and restore the boot to its original look

· Discounts and Free Shipping: Order now and enjoy massive discounts with FREE shipping