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Vintage Tires

Is your lovely old right beginning to limp? For sure, she needs a brand-new set of replacement car tires. Collectors Auto Supply brings you the best and most popular vintage-style brand-new tires from Coker, Auburn, Federal, Milestar, Mastertack, Nexen, Maxxis, Uniroyal, Michelin, Firestone, BF Goodrich, Uniroyal, and other famous brands. Be sure to pair your tires with one of our vintage rims for classic cars.

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How to Buy the Best Tires for Your Classic Ride

Weak, worn and brittle tires can be dangerous to drive on and cause damage to your car’s suspension. However, the new tires you buy must be “period correct” or they might dilute the value of your collectible. They must look exactly the same as the original tires, but where can you buy modern, brand-new tires in the styles of ‘30s, ‘40s, ‘50s or even the 1900s?

At Collectors Auto Supply, we have lined up all classic car tires from top brands at one place so you can easily find the perfect tires for your vehicle. Select the exact tire style from an extensive inventory that includes whitewall, blackwall, gold line, blue line, bias-ply, and radial tires for collector automobiles. You can find replacement classic car tires that can fit cars back to the 1900s.

Caution: Make sure you check the rim diameter, rim width, section width, and tire size when ordering tires for your vehicle.

Discount Vintage Tires for Collectible Automobiles

Explore the widest range of vintage tires and select the best tires for your classic or antique car, sports car, muscle car, supercar, truck, trailer, or military vehicle. We offer the maximum discount on vintage tires. Compare prices and save money!


· Period Correct Vintage Tires: Latest batch of period correct tires for vintage and classic cars

· Freshest Manufacturing: Freshly manufactured brand new tires from Coker, Federal, BF Goodrich, and other top vintage tire brands

· Vintage Tire Accessories: Rim strips and inner tubes are also available for classic and vintage tires and wheels

· Vintage Tire Styles: Select from various whitewall widths, letter styles, stripes, and tread widths and buy tires that are an exact match your car’s original tires

· Guarantees and Returns: Guaranteed free of manufacturing and workmanship defects. Super-fast shipping and easy returns.