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Car Insulation and Sound Deadeners

Proper insulation is important for any classic vehicle. It can help reduce road noise, control temperature, and add to the car's beauty you’ve poured hours of hard work into. Collectors Auto Supply carries sound deadeners for classic cars, from the 1926 Hupmobile Model A to the 1988 Chevy Camaro. Many of these parts are made to order in the US and fit OEM specifications, so you’re sure to find the perfect heat barrier, including radiant heat, for your car.

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What are sound deadeners and how do they work?

Sound deadeners are materials used to reduce or eliminate unwanted noise in a space. They work by absorbing, dampening, or blocking sound waves. This helps to improve the acoustics of a room and create a quieter environment by reducing echoes, vibrations, and outside noise.

Firewall and Hood Insulation Foam for Classic Cars

Firewall insulation and hood pads are designed to control heat, noise, and rattles. It acts as an extra barrier between you and the engine, creating a comfortable drive every time you get in your classic ride. We offer firewall pads for a wide range of cars and trucks. The Firewall Sound Deadener Insulation Pad for 1940 Ford Deluxe is just one example. This part is molded and manufactured right here in America from quality ABS plastic and fiberglass. After installation, you’ll have a quieter, cooler ride. The pad covers an area of 40 sqft, providing effective sound deadening for your vehicle.

Interior Sound Proofing for Vintage Vehicles

Interior insulation is essential if you want a quiet, comfortable drive. They eliminate noise caused by panel resonance, reduce road noise, and help control the temperature of your cabin. We carry pre-cut interior insulation for all sections of your classic car, including the wheel wells and door panels. You can get individual kits like the Kick Panel and Cowl Insulation Kit for 1977-1979 Ford Convertible or you can find complete kits to outfit your entire car interior. We have kits that are made with high-density foam to provide excellent soundproofing properties.

Trunk Liners and Fuel Pads

Trunk liners and fuel pads are simple but often overlooked parts. They can put those final, protective touches on your restoration project. Tank pads protect your fuel tank from wear and tear, and a new trunk liner can give your car a fresh look while protecting hardware underneath. In this selection, you’ll find options like the Fuel Tank Pad for 1962-65 Plymouth. This part is made in the US from high-quality, long-lasting rubber.

Complete Your Classic Car With Replacement Parts From Collectors

At Collectors Auto Supply, we strive to provide you with the perfect, hard-to-find parts for your classic vehicle. Our selection of automotive insulation includes products that fit a range of vehicles. Check our fitment charts before purchasing to ensure you’re getting the right part the first time. Our team is always eager to talk about anything related to classic cars. If you have questions or need help finding a specific part, don’t hesitate to contact us today.