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Our Team

Michael Ware - President and Owner


Mike has been running Collectors since Sept of 2016. He's got a passion for systems, process, and data which made this business the perfect fit. The cherry on top is helping a passionate customer base with something they love - their classics! Outside of the business Mike loves being outdoors. He's an avid mountain biker, skier and Dad to 2 amazing boys.

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Kayla Wilson - Customer Service Rep 
Kayla started work at Collectors Auto Supply in June 2020. Her love of all things automotive didn’t start there however, she was raised in a family that revolved the automotive industry. She essentially grew up in a Chevy truck, so it was no surprise that her dream truck to own is a 1972 C10. She enjoys all things automotive and continues to build a collection of unique classic cars and trucks, including owning the Chevy C10 she dreamed of. Outside of work, Kayla loves anything outdoors, including spending time in nature with her horse, dogs, and family.
 Michael Sturko - Data Analyst and Applications Manager

Michael began his work with Collectors Auto Supply at the beginning of 2021. Much of his automotive knowledge has been self-taught and has grown over the years as he has continued his education by trial and error.

From the first restoration Michael took part in he was hooked. It started with a 1984 Porsche 944 and then stemmed to the countless hours and time spent rebuilding his own Camaro. He has continued to grow and now enjoys spending his time working on small automotive diesel engines. Michael and his wife are expanding their family and have loved incorporating as many automotive tasks and learning experiences with their eldest son. They enjoy giving him the gift of the knowledge and experience they have both gained over the years.
Donna Giese - Bookkeeping
Donna has been with Collectors since 2021. She loves small business, solving problems and helping people. If she isn't working, she can be found in her garden, hanging out with her family or feeding the crowd.
Donna and her husband would love to restore a 1951 Ford F-100, but anything between 1951 and 1969 will do.