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Firewall Insulation

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Firewall insulation for cars has a dual purpose. It helps control temperature within the vehicle and provides sound deadening to ease comfort for the driver and passengers. You want both when working with a vintage model.

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Noise pollution can be a real problem when driving, not just for external forces but also for people inside the vehicle. A car engine and suspension may cause random squeaks and grinding sounds, worrying the driver about potentially needing repairs for noisy devices. Traffic, especially rush hour, exacerbates the problem.

The car firewall provides a barrier between the car engine and the passenger compartment. Its design depends on the car make and model, either being a separate component or integrated with the walls, floors, or doorframe. Having thermal insulation material protects the passengers and the car from excess radiant heat and sound.


Car Firewall Insulation Material

Browse our selection of sound deadening material as well as thermal insulation. Some of our options are designed custom, but we will notify you about the cost differences when adding this to your order. We aim to sell made-to-order items manufactured in the United States.

Always check the year of the car and the part offered; we have sixty years’ worth of components to fit different makes. We have a unique search tool where you can see if certain products will do your car.

Do you need assistance in fashioning an insulation mat? Then consider the Hood Insulation Material 48″ X65″, which can be cut to fit your car hood or firewall. Made of fiberglass, this material doubles as a heat shield and installs below the car’s bonnet. It will also protect your hood’s paint job from the engine heat.

We also have car insulation pads that fit different car models and makes. The Firewall Sound Deadener Insulation Pad Clips for Chrysler handles the engine noise and radiant heat. It has an OEM fit with installation and is made-to-order.

If you prefer having an automotive sound deadener option, consider the Firewall Sound Deadener Insulation Pad for Ford F-100 – 250 Truck 1973-79. We recommend this for non A/C vehicles. This automotive sound deadener works well for pickup trucks and will keep your car cool as well.


When installing firewall insulation, always make sure the car is off, and the battery is unplugged. This protects you as you remove the carpeting and seats to view the existing insulation, if there is any, and the firewall design. Clean the surfaces as well with a vacuum before adding any insulation pads or sound deadening mats.


Research Your Insulation Material With Collectors Auto Supply

Collectors Auto Supply is more than ready to provide the material that your car needs. We believe that superior customer service will maintain classic vehicles, with our recommendations for components and building long-term relationships. You will never have to worry about purchasing the wrong item for car service or repairs.
To find out more, please reach out to our experts. Collectors Auto Supply has the necessary deadening material to make your ride quieter and cooler when regulating temperature. From deadening material to heat insulation, we have you covered.