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You might think that such a small part as a window sweep wouldn’t have a big impact on the appearance and performance of your car, but nothing could be further from the truth. Though they’re little more than a front and rear seal for windows, these small gaskets actually provide quite a bit of structure for the only openings that are regularly down while motorists drive their prized vehicles. They’re also vital for keeping out weather and road-related debris, which could otherwise do damage to the window wells inside of your car’s doors.

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Considering that many automakers have changed the exact specifications of where they position these pieces of stripping over the years, Collectors Auto Supply has put together an equally vast selection of window sweeps in order to appeal to the interests of the widest variety of serious motorists.

Replacing the Window Sweeps on Vintage Automobiles

Anyone who has refurbished or restored a classic car knows that every single detail is an important one. Imagine trying to drive a 1968 Chevelle without proper window fitment. Fortunately, you don’t have to because motorists who have one of these fine vehicles can swap out the window sweeps with an inner and outer door side felt kit. This will mirror the performance characteristics of the original components. A similar authentic kit is offered for those who drive 1970-1972 Buick Skylark convertibles.

Some drivers won’t mind using a custom aftermarket part, but there are many who would prefer that they use exactly the same components that General Motors or Chrysler would have used on the cars of their preferred era. That’s why we’ve tried to locate as many supplies of age-appropriate window sweeps as possible. These are designed to have similar or better fitment to the sweeps that are currently installed on the windows in any compatible vehicle.

Most of the major automakers didn’t really change much within several model years of each car, which helps to ensure a degree of compatibility with a wider range of cars. While you’ll need to check a few of the details regarding the specific type of car you drive, you shouldn’t find it that difficult to replace the sweeps with a piece of rubber or felt that helps to protect the glass well.

Redo Your Windows with Collectors Auto Supply

Generally, you won’t need much more than the make, model and year of your vehicle to replace the sweeps unless you’ve done a fairly extensive amount of aftermarket work to it. For instance, any 1964 Oldsmobile Cutlass two-door would use a standard inner/outer side door window sweep kit. Take a few moments to jot down this information and then look through our database for all of the pieces that you might be looking for. This makes the buying process much simpler, even if you happen to drive a jaw-dropping automobile.

Don’t be afraid to get in touch with us if you have any special concerns. Use our online contact form and we’ll be sure to help you get your special vehicle back out on the road again.