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Car window seals keep out unwanted debris, contaminants, moisture, and other elements from the bad weather. They can wear out from use over a long time or when the car suffers damage.

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Passengers and drivers would not want to feel rain, snow, or sleet dripping on them when their vehicle is in motion. The excess moisture can cause a mold buildup, damaging your interior. Seals also keep out unwanted musty odors that can develop over time.

Window Seals For Classic Cars

Weatherstripping is also known as weather seals. It is a material designed to keep your doors and windows sealed from potential outside elements. They can also significantly reduce external noise pollution from reaching your interior.

When reviewing seals for weather-stripping and keeping your interior free of water, determine the amount of rubber that you need. In some cases, you can manage with only doing minimal replacement and reducing the costs. For other circumstances, such as seeing huge splits in the rubber, then you may need to replace all of them.

You may be able to replace the rear window seal when you need to repair it. The Window Seal Lockstrip Weatherstrip, Rear Window for 1967 Dodge Dart Sedan 4-Door comes in three pieces, made of plastic and chrome mylar. Chrome mylar makes for a polished finish.

For more general repairs on a Plymouth, there is the Window Seal Lockstrip Weatherstrip for Dodge, Plymouth Multiple Models 1956-1993. This single piece has direct specifications to fit into your make and model.

If you have a Ford, consider Part WLS 1158 C, the Window Seal Lockstrip Weatherstrip Chrome, Rear Window for 1977-98 Ford F-Series. This insert locks into the glass and can be installed as part of a single application. It has ozone resistance and will last for a long time.

Try not to reuse rubber seals. While some rubber can withstand damage from the elements, it may shrink after drying out and cause potential leaking issues. You would rather keep the water out rather than risk the interior developing rust holes. That damage will only accumulate over time and devalue your vehicle. It can also necessitate more costly repairs.

Signs of damage can include if rain gets into your vehicle. The same goes for if you can hear wind or sounds from outside at a louder pace than usual.


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