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This section is for perfectionists who can find the last clip, handle or retainer that looks like an eyesore on that immaculately restored car. Buy OEM standard aftermarket glove-box screw kits, hood insulation clips, windshield molding clips, cowl panel clips, vent window handles, push-in clip fasteners, and make- and model-specific bulk staple kits. These are the little things that give you inner satisfaction and win laurels and awards for your vehicle.

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Model-Specific Clips, Retainers, and Screws for Classic Cars?

The interior looks immaculate, except for those missing push-in retainers and glove-box screws. The exterior looks excellent, other than that hanging hood insulation. Now you don’t have to compromise on perfection because Collectors Auto Supply carries every last screw and clip that you need.

Complete and Award-Winning Restoration Project

The difference between a good and an award-winning car often comes down to the last screw and clip. We feature a virtually unlimited collection of premium-quality retainers, clips and handles for classic cars and trucks. 

Copied Carefully from OEM Parts

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that the screws, clips, and other paraphernalia fit your vehicle perfectly. Make sure you read the fitment section at the bottom of each product’s page and order the parts you need. 

Why Buy Wheels at Collectors Auto Supply

  • Discounted Prices: Get OEM quality aftermarket parts at a discounted price.
  • Top Auto Part Brands: We carry screws and clips from top-of-the-line manufacturers.
  • Vast Inventory: You can get screws, clips and handles for multiple makes and models of collector vehicles. 
  • Over 30 Years of Experience: We have been helping car collectors fuel their passion by supplying auto parts for more than three decades.
  • Bulletproof Guarantee: The parts you are buying are guaranteed for workmanship and material defects. They are assured by Collectors Auto Supply’s 3D promise and trusted by more than 100,000 satisfied customers.

Browse our range of classic and vintage car screws, clips and retainers—manufactured by classic car experts who are as passionate about restoring and maintaining old vehicles as you. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you don’t find what you need.