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Hardcore automotive collectors want to make their vehicles look and feel as authentic as possible, which can be hard if something breaks down. You can’t go to a traditional body shop and expect them to have the right part. If you swap out some existing parts for modern restoration components, then there’s a good chance that it’s just not going to feel right.

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That’s where classic auto parts come into place. Finding something that matches your existing vehicle shouldn’t be hard if you know exactly what to look for. Collectors Auto Supply sorts all of these classic parts by model year, which is perhaps the best way for anyone who owns a vintage automobile to find an appropriate replacement.

Rebuilding Vintage Cars with Real Parts

Hot rodders and custom car aficionados long preferred aftermarket parts from speed shops and high-performance racing brands. However, there are many people who have vehicles out there on the roads today that want to restore them to original condition. A seat cover protector would be just the thing for drivers of a Ford Model A made between 1930-1931, which might look much more like what came with the original car. Since many of these vehicles were repurposed in later years, it’s certainly something to look into if you want to bring your car back to original shape.

Later Fords, like those made between 1955-1956, might benefit from a plastic heater plenum. This component is again designed with authenticity in mind. Many motorists would be unlikely to notice the difference, but those who are taking their vehicles to car shows or judging competitions are certainly going to get put right under a microscope. If you expect that you’re going to be on the hot seat anytime soon, then it’s a good idea to take the opportunity now to restore your vehicle. Of course, these parts should work just as well for aftermarket modifications as well. If you do happen to drive a gow job or an open-wheel hot rod, then there’s a good chance that it’s based around the underlying hardware of an older Ford or Buick. In that case, these should still have great fitment.

Taking Your Car Back to the Streets

At Collectors Auto Supply, we might very well love our cars as much as you love yours, so we know how much you value the fitment and feel of even the smallest details. That’d why we’ve made sure to stock things like glove box screw kits, which might seem inconsequential to anyone who hasn’t sat behind the steering wheel of a 1967 Pontiac Firebird. Anybody who has driven a fine ride like that knows how important it is to get even the smallest details right.
Whether you’re a hardcore GM fan or a classic Plymouth is more your thing, make sure to contact Collectors Auto Supply online. Our experienced crew will make sure to scour our catalog to find something that has the feel and fitment you’re looking for.