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The Ford Mustang is the original pony car and it started the war between the big three, Chrysler, General Motors, and Ford, to find the perfect 2-door, big engined muscle car. The Mustang has now been in production for nearly 60 years and is arguably the most popular American car of all time. If you’re looking for any Mustang parts, we’ve created a quick guide to show you just how many Mustang parts we carry!

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History Of The Mustang

The Ford Mustang first debuted back in 1964, with the earliest cars being manufactured as a 1964.5 model year. The car was first introduced with a 170 cu in inline 6 cylinder, but later and higher end models would start to see powerful V8 engines enter the mix.

With 100,000 Ford Mustangs forecasted to sell yearly, the 1965 Mustang became the most successful vehicle launch since the 1927 Model A. On April 17, 1964, the Ford Mustang was unveiled to the public, just 16 days after the Plymouth Barracuda made its debut. Over 400,000 units sold in its first year and the one-millionth Mustang was sold within two years of its debut. Ford produced the 10-millionth Mustang in August of 2018. Matching the first 1965 Mustang that rolled off the line, this Mustang was a 2019 Wimbledon White convertible with a V8 engine.

The Mustang was an instant hit with the American market which allowed Ford to continue producing the Mustang through 6 more generations. During this time, the Mustang saw many competitors like the Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger, but it was the only car of the three to continue production for this long, proving it to be the fan favorite.

With Mustang having such a successful launch, multiple competitors from other American manufacturers tried to follow their lead with medium-sized stylish sports cars, including the Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird in 1967, AMC Javelin in 1968, and Dodge Challenger in 1970. The Mustang’s unique body style would also affect the design of coupes worldwide. This lead to the introduction of the Toyota Celica and the Mercury Capri in the United States. The Mercury Cougar was introduced in 1967 as a higher-trim version of the Mustang but in the 1970s, it was redesigned as a luxury car.

It is the fifth-best selling Ford name in history. The Mustang style, nicknamed “Pony Car”, was created to be a line of stylish and sporty coupes and convertibles derived from existing model lines, easily identified by their long hood and short body. Today, the Mustang is still one of the most popular sports cars on the market, now offering engines ranging from a 2.3L turbocharged I4 all the way to a 5.2L Supercharged V8, and even a full-electric drivetrain in the Mustang Mach-E.

The Mustang has a huge range of features, trim levels, special editions, and engines that truly make it a car for anyone. Some of the rarest Ford Mustangs include the 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake, the 1965 Shelby GT350 R, and the 1969 Ford Mustang E, all of which include lightweight bodies, powerful engines, and low production numbers.

Where Can I Find Mustang Parts?

Collectors Auto Supply carries almost all of the Ford Mustang parts an enthusiast would ever need. Everything from weather stripping, sound deadening, headliners, dashboards, and exterior parts, to suspension and steering components for the Mustang are available right here. We also stock as much inventory as possible and work hard to bring you any part you could ever need. We love the Ford Mustang, so if you need Mustang parts, we’ve got you covered!

When it comes to restoring a Mustang or simply replacing broken or missing trim pieces from your and installing new weatherstripping and custom fit Mustang insulation, you should stick with a supplier you trust and one that specializes in vintage, classic, and collectible automobiles. Our Mustang parts are of the highest quality and our prices are competitive.

Where Do Mustang Parts Come From?

Most Ford Mustang parts are made in the Dearborn factory in Michigan. This is the primary assembly line for the Ford Mustang. One reason so many enthusiasts like the Ford Mustang is because a lot of the Mustang parts are made right here in the USA.

Our classic Mustang restoration parts are designed to meet the original manufacturer's specifications and guidelines for a perfect fit. This combined with today’s advances in modern technology and production, ensures that you will enjoy the highest quality reproduction Mustang parts for your car restoration project.

Are Mustang Parts Rare?

For the most part, no. The Ford Mustang was a mass-production car that sold incredibly well for its entire lifespan, meaning parts are usually plentiful. Obviously, there are some Mustang models like the Shelby GT500, Mach 1, and Boss that are a bit more of a rare specification, so finding parts for these cars can be a little more challenging.

Are Ford Mustang Parts Expensive?

Most Ford Mustang parts are not very expensive. Typical parts like headliners, carpet, or small suspension parts for a Mustang aren’t too hard to get ahold of and usually don’t cost too much money. However, when you start getting into things like a hood for a Mustang Mach 1 or a full engine from a Boss 429, you can expect to pay a premium. This is because Mustang parts for these special cars are often hard to find and collectors are willing to pay over the retail price to have them.

Weatherstripping & Seals for Mustangs

Whether your Mustang has a water leak, air getting into the cabin, or you just noticed some cracks in the weatherstripping, we carry all of the window seals and weatherstripping you need to keep your Mustang insulated.

Mustang Suspension and Steering Parts

From new shocks to control arm bushings and so much more, we have all of the Mustang suspension or steering parts you could ever need. Bring back the sharp handling by replacing your old Mustang parts with new and improved parts.

Interior Parts for Mustangs

Need a new Mustang headliner? We have that. What about carpet or a new dashboard? Yup, we have that too. We’re one of the largest carriers of classic Mustang parts in the industry and have a wide variety of interior parts that will bring the interior of your Mustang back to its former glory.

Ford Mustang Insulation Parts

While we all love a good sounding engine, sometimes it’s nice to get into your Mustang and go for a calm and relaxing cruise. We have a bunch of Mustang parts that are designed to insulate your interior and block out all of that unwanted wind, tire, or engine noise. You can just hop in and enjoy a peaceful ride. Click here for a complete list of our insulation and sound deadener parts.

Mustang Exterior Parts

Keep that Mustang safe from the elements. We have a selection of in-stock car covers that will help your Mustang stay clean during storage. These car covers are designed to keep dust, water, and grime off of your Mustang while it’s tucked away. This will save you a ton of time and money that’s spent detailing your car after hibernation. This is just one example of the many Mustang parts we carry!

Accessories for Mustangs

Some Mustangs used to come with luggage or carrying cases from the factory. Over the years, most of those bags either got lost or worn out due to age. We carry multiple Mustang accessories that can bring back those small details that your Mustang used to have. Whether you want to roll up to your hotel in style with Mustang luggage or just need a case to protect your Mustang parts, we’ve got you covered!