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Classic Comet Parts

Classic Comet Restoration Parts

Reproduction Car Parts for Your Classic Comet

The Comet was a car produced by Mercury, a division of The Ford Motor Company, from 1962 through 1969 and from 1971 through 1977. Throughout its life the Comet ping ponged from a compact car to a semi-compact car and back.

The Comet was initially inspired by the design of the Ford Falcon. Later iterations were then based on the slightly larger Ford Fairlane and finally on the compact Ford Maverick. Since Mercury was considered to be a higher level brand than it’s Ford sister brands, early Comets had better grade interior trim than Falcons and a longer wheelbase, which improved handling.

When it comes to restoring a Comet or simply replacing broken or missing trim pieces and installing new Mercury weatherstripping and custom fit Comet insulation, you should stick with a supplier you trust and one that specializes in vintage, classic, and collectible automobiles. Our vintage auto restoration parts are of the highest quality and our prices are competitive.