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Reproduction Car Parts for Your Classic Cutlass

The Oldsmobile Cutlass, produced by General Motors from 1961 and 1999 spanned a wide range of vehicle styles and trims. The Cutlass was Oldsmobile's low level model when it was first released. Initially, it was a single body compact car but its greatest success was experienced as a intermediate sized car.

Once F-85 was Introduced as the top trim level in Oldsmobile’s lineup of compact cars, the Cutlass evolved into a distinct series of its own. Various iterations, such as the powerful 4-4-2 muscle car in 1964, top-of-the-line Cutlass Supreme in 1966, and performance Hurst Olds in 1968 in sidestep with the Vista Cruiser station wagon.

In the 1980s, Oldsmobile started using Cutlass as a trim level or separate model for several vehicle lines simultaneously. Included in these models were the Cutlass Calais which was a compact, a medium-sized Cutlass Ciera, Cutlass Cruiser station wagon, and a top trim package of the Cutlass Supreme.

As an interesting sidenot, the Oldsmobile Cutlass was named after the type of sword made famous by pirates and was common during the Age of Sail.

When it comes to restoring a Cutlass or simply replacing broken or missing trim pieces and installing new Oldsmobile weatherstripping and custom fit Cutlass insulation, you should stick with a supplier you trust and one that specializes in vintage, classic, and collectible automobiles. Our vintage auto restoration parts are of the highest quality and our prices are competitive.

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