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Studebaker Parts for 1959-1964 Skylark

What makes a Studebaker so special? Well, for one thing, you don’t see many of them – and those that exist are in demand by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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The 1959-1964 Studebakers were called “America’s Sweetheart” and it’s easy to see why. From the beginning, they were sporty, elegant, and affordable — a perfect combination of three things we all look for in a car today.

They also had plenty of options available — from chrome to two-tone paint to style and engine size. This made them an ideal choice for families or anyone looking for versatility.

1959-1964 Studebaker Skylark

The Skylark is a car that was manufactured by the Studebaker Corporation from 1959-1964. They are popular among classic car collectors due to their stylish design and unique features.

The history of the Skylark is interesting, as it was one of the first cars to be manufactured after the Second World War. A variety of models were made, including two-door sedans, four-door sedans, convertibles coupes, wagons, and pickup trucks.

Studebakers were also manufactured in other countries with different specifications. The popularity of the Skylark among classic car collectors can be attributed to its unique features and design.

A Brief History of the Skylark

The name “Skylark” was taken from a 1953 song in honor of their new convertible model which debuted in 1953. It became one of the most successful models in the history of the company, helping to save it from bankruptcy by 1958.

They sold over 300,000 units worldwide, allowing them to recover financially due to their popularity. Post-war consumers were looking for an affordable vehicle that would also have reliable options, and the Skylark served that demand.

Classic Studebaker Parts for Skylark Models from 1959-1964

Restoring and maintaining a classic automobile can require you to keep an eye on several different systems, all at once. For example, shock absorbers are a key part of the suspension system on any car, playing a critical role in keeping the car’s tires in contact with the road, and dampening the vibrations from the road.

Leaf spring bushings are another vital component for the suspension on a car. They help to keep the leaf springs in place and absorb the shock from the road.

When a car’s leaf spring bushings are worn out, it can cause the car to bounce and wobble as it drives. This can be dangerous, especially if you’re driving at high speeds.

Find the Best Studebaker Parts at Collectors Auto Supply

Studebakers are also unique because they were built in several different countries. No matter where you bought yours, though, parts to keep it running are available at Collectors Auto Supply.

Better still, we have the knowledge, expertise, and passion to be a reliable collaborator on any restoration project you have in mind. We love the feeling of completing a restoration, and enjoy helping other enthusiasts reach their goals.

The great thing about the classic restoration community is that you never have to go it alone. For help finding the best Studebaker parts for your 1958-1964 Studebaker Skylark, reach out to our team today.