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Headliner Replacement

While you might not think that people look upwards when they take a seat, the headliner is probably the first thing people will see when they enter your car. If your ceiling is starting to sag or looks like it might be ragged, then there’s a good chance that others will think poorly of your prized classic automobile regardless of how much work you’ve put into it.

Fortunately, it’s not at all difficult to get the classic car headliner replacement and matching insulation for any number of vintage vehicles because we’ve done our best at Collectors Auto Supply to put together a great selection of classic components.

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Installing Aftermarket Headliners on Vintage Vehicles

Most of the major automakers have defined exacting specifications, so you can simply pick a particular headliner replacement based on the model that you’re working on restoring. In spite of this, the machining tolerances on these components aren’t terribly high, so you shouldn’t have to worry about fitment as long as the headliner was made for your car.

Much like weatherstripping, many automakers have reused certain types of classic car headliners for several models of automobile. You might find, for instance, that one component works for a large variety of model years that were made over a period of time. There’s also the possibility that more than one of General Motors’ various brands used the same headliner for different cars, which were essentially the same vehicles but with modified markings. This has also been the case with some Fords. A few of these models were sold as Mercuries and Lincolns, but they still use the same pieces inside.

In general, you won’t have to keep any of this in mind as you shop because all you need to know is whether or not a part is suitable for a vehicle based on identification. At times, you might have to contend with other interior modifications that could make it difficult to put a headliner into place. Once you work these out, however, it shouldn’t be much harder to finish putting the equipment in. Most automotive enthusiasts will find that they don’t need any additional tools beyond what they would always keep in their garage on any given day. That makes this a relatively attractive project even for those who don’t have an extremely well-stocked body shop to do work in.

Replacing the Headliners in Classic Cars

Don’t hesitate to contact us online about any special questions you have if you are interested in a classic car headliner replacement. We’ll do our best to help you get the parts that will provide the best fit for your vehicle.