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Flooring & Carpet

Looking for brand new flooring and carpet for your classic vehicle? Get your drink and browse through thousands of classic car flooring and carpet products. Find the perfect flooring for your car and shop with confidence. Each floor carpet in our list is cut precisely from a copy of your car’s original flooring to provide a close fit. Rip out that old rag of flooring and replace it with a brand new carpet, made to order for your car.

Why Your Classic Car Needs a New Carpet Floor

Car carpets are notoriously difficult to keep clean because they are continuously exposed to food and drink spills, mud, snow, dirt and other droppings. It makes one wonder why they don’t make floorings from materials that are easier to clean, such as vinyl, rubber or plastic. The answer is that carpet floors are not there just for aesthetic reasons. Their main purpose is to insulate the cabin from outside temperatures and noise. Installing a high-quality carpet floor can make the interior significantly quieter and cozier.

Aftermarket Car Flooring Materials

Typical car flooring has several layers. Manufacturers use vinyl or rubber to cover the metallic floor. A carpet layer goes on top of the floor mat cover. And floor mats are used to protect the carpet from spills and gunk. Aftermarket carpet flooring is manufactured from vehicle-grade cut pile carpets and comes with a carpet or vinyl backing. We offer all types of classic car flooring products so you don’t have to go anywhere else.

How to Find the Right Carpet Floor

Use the intuitive filter menu to select your car’s make, model, and year and the product you are looking for. Select the product and recheck the fitment at the bottom of each product page. Order now and replace that rag you’ve been driving with for years.

Features of Aftermarket Carpet Floors

  • Made for Your Car: Modeled from OEM flooring copies using advanced computer technology to provide a no-nonsense spot-on fit.
  • High Quality Materials: Most aftermarket carpets are cut from vehicle-grade cut pile or regular carpets.
  • Multiple Colors Available: Most carpet floorings are available in several different colors to match with your car’s interior.
  • Logos and Details: Carpet floors and mats are available with manufacturer logos and other details that provide an OEM look and feel.
  • Bulletproof Guarantee: The auto parts you are buying are guaranteed by Collectors Auto Supply’s 3D promise and the trust of more than 100,000 satisfied customers.

Browse the most extensive variety of carpets and floorings, manufactured by classic car experts who are as passionate about restoring old vehicles as you. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you don’t find what you need.