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Most Popular Models

Vintage Auto Restoration Supplies

At Collector’s Auto Supply, we are classic car people and we know how important it is to find those perfect classic car parts, you need to finish your auto restoration project. That’s why we created this large selection of auto parts for nearly every classic car and classic truck make and model. Whether you need weather stripping for a classic Bel Air, ford mustang restoration parts, or 1970 AMC Javelin interior, we have you covered.

Are you a truck enthusiast looking for the right parts to finish or even start your classic truck restoration? Well, you are our kind of person and we have what you need. Our selection of over 14,000 classic truck parts will surely assist you in getting that project truck out on the road and turning heads in no time. Shop our selection of truck restoration products from classic F-100 parts and El Camino restoration parts to classic Jeep Wrangler parts.

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