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How to Get Sponsored for Car Parts

How to Get Sponsored for Car Parts

Posted by Collectors Auto Supply on Jun 25th 2020

Restoring or modifying a classic car or truck can get expensive fast. If you're browsing through vintage car parts online and wondering how you can get them more cheaply, then you might consider getting sponsored by aftermarket car parts manufacturers. Setting up a sponsorship with car parts makers can enable you to get free or heavily discounted parts to modify or restore your ride. Do you have to be a professional racer to do this? Absolutely not. Let's take a look at how this works.

The Basics of Car Sponsorship

Why would companies consider giving you parts for free? Getting a sponsor for your car is a lot like being an influencer. You bring exposure to the brand and get them more sales and they give you free stuff. Starting from scratch might take some time, but here are two key aspects to getting sponsored:

  • Your car has a big following
  • You have a big social media following

If you have a popular model of car with several forums and websites dedicated to it, that can help your brand immensely and give you places to promote. If you personally have large social media followings on any of the major platforms, that's another big boost. Even though it's not always necessary that you take your car to in-person events, it's definitely a plus if you attend car shows or clubs where you can further advertise your car and sponsorship.

What's In A Sponsor Proposal?

Before you get started on a sponsor proposal, you'll want to make a list of possible partners that sell car parts. Look at online car part retailers, aftermarket part retailers, automotive parts stores, and box store chains that sell auto parts. Some examples include Autozone, Napa, Dynomax, Ace Racing Clutches, Turtlewax, and others. You might also consider tool companies such as Snap-On, Grainger, USA Tools, among others.

Once you have a list of sponsors to contact, you can start building your proposal. You'll want to be as thorough as possible with the information you include.

Use the following list as an example:

  • Your vehicle's make, model, year and engine combination
  • A list of aftermarket parts already on your vehicle
  • Plenty of photos of your vehicle, including the engine and interior
  • Your full contact information
  • All of your social media platforms, including links
  • Any current sponsors you might have and how to contact them
  • Any clubs or events that you're a part of or attend regularly
  • If you run a forum or website for your vehicle or category of vehicle, include that too

Along with all those list items, make sure to be clear about what type of sponsorship you're looking for and how you intend to represent the company you're sending the proposal to. Be as specific and clear as possible when outlining how you can represent the brand and get them exposure and sales. In fact, think of the proposal much like a sales pitch.

The other thing to remember is that you need to create and tailor a new package for each company you intend to pitch. It's always a good idea to fully research the company you plan on pitching as well. Some of them, like AEM Performance Electronics, offer information on their website on how to pitch them and what they're looking for.

Highlight Your Potential

The biggest aspect of getting sponsored for car parts is highlighting your potential, i.e. exactly how you can help the brand get exposure and sales. Ideally, you'll already be active online or in-person with your car before you aim for sponsorship, but if not, let's talk about some ideas to get active.

Show your car off in person by entering shows and joining clubs. When you do this, take note of how many people show up to these events. That's an important number to show your reach. The other plus of attending in-person events is that you can actually meet potential sponsors.

Social media has a huge reach these days. You can build your brand across several platforms, including InstagramFacebook, Youtube, and Twitter. Post pictures and videos of shows and events, your restoration or modification in progress, and whatever else you think might gain attention. It's not hard to build a solid social media following within a few months if you stay active, interact with other enthusiasts, and offer quality content that interests people.

Yet another option is car forums. When you have a popular ride with several forums dedicated to it, you can sign up and start posting. Make sure to include your social media platforms and pictures of your car wherever appropriate.

Crunch The Numbers

Finally, it's important to come up with realistic but solid figures on what you want from a sponsorship. You don't want to ask them what they can give you. Make sure you also have a reason for the figure you come up with and outline what you plan to spend the money on. For example, if you plan to put $10,000 into your car, don't ask for $20,000. Do you want specific parts from the company you're pitching? Then ask for that and not a monetary amount.

Don't hesitate to say exactly what you want, especially if you can outline the reasons. There are only three possible outcomes. Either they will reject it wholesale, reject it and counteroffer, or accept it. You won't know which until you try.

Finding Parts For Classic Cars

Apart from sponsorships, there are plenty of ways to find classic truck parts and classic car parts to restore or modify your ride. Collectors Auto Supply sells a wide range of automobile restoration supplies for different vehicles. Enter your vehicle's year, make, and model to find out what we have.