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What Car Parts Are Worth Scrapping?

What Car Parts Are Worth Scrapping?

Posted by Collectors Auto Supply on Aug 25th 2020

If you have an old car sitting around that doesn't run or is wrecked, you can potentially make some decent cash by scrapping it out. Many DIY mechanics hunt for car parts in salvage yards and through advertisements for parted-out cars. Sometimes these methods are perfect for finding classic car parts that might otherwise be hard to find. However, not all parts of your old car are worth much money or worth trying to take out for scrap. Let’s take a look at some of the more valuable parts of your old car.

GPS System

This is an item found on more modern vehicles, but it is potentially worth a few hundred bucks. Built-in GPS systems are usually of value to electronics stores, car dealers, and DIY mechanics looking to collect salvage parts. The system is relatively easy to remove from your vehicle as well.

Catalytic Converters

This is probably one of the most obvious items to remove and scrap for money. Catalytic converters are made of precious metals like platinum and palladium, which is why they’re one of the most commonly stolen items from vehicles. If your car was built after 1975, it should have a catalytic converter. Sell your old car’s cat to parts recyclers, scrap yards, and individual buyers. You can usually earn at least $100 on the sale.


Doors are a popular item at salvage yards as they’re easy to remove and replace if you have a vehicle with damaged doors. Plenty of DIY mechanics and people working on car restoration are in the market for intact doors. You can sell your doors to repair shops, mechanics, parts recyclers, and private buyers among others.


Like doors, these are common items that people look for when they have a damaged vehicle that just needs a few parts replaced. An accident might total a bumper, but leave the rest of the car relatively undamaged. Finding a new bumper often means looking for car scrap ads or going to salvage yards. You can get up to a few hundred bucks for an undamaged bumper.

Rims and Tires

If your old car has been sitting for a while, it’s possible that the tires won’t be worth much. However, your rims could be worth money, especially if they’re original rims from an older vehicle that people like to restore. Rims made from chrome, aluminum, or alloy typically earn the most. Repair shops, collectors, and parts recyclers are among the places you can sell them.


Your fenders might be made of metal or some composite material, but like doors and bumpers, they often get damaged in accidents and leave people looking for new ones. If your fenders are in decent to good condition, you can probably find repair shops and DIY mechanics willing to pay you for them.

Air Bags

Again, airbags are common items that people look for when a vehicle has been in an accident and the airbags are deployed. If yours are unused, and you know how to get them out, you can potentially make up to $200 per airbag. Even if you don’t know how to remove them, you can sell them to places that do.

Car Seats

Seats in good condition can be worth a lot to people restoring certain types of vehicles. Aside from restoring an old car, there are many reasons why people need to replace seats. Sometimes it’s for more comfort or sometimes their original seats are damaged or worn out. You might be able to get up to $80 per seat if they’re in good condition.


These may not be the most valuable parts, but they’re usually easy to sell due to demand. Side mirrors can be damaged or ripped off in accidents and finding an exact fit isn’t always easy. Private buyers, repair shops, and mechanics are likely to be willing to take these off your hands.

Tailgate or Hatch

If your scrap vehicle is a truck or SUV, then don’t overlook selling the tailgate or hatch. Similar to doors, these can be worth a lot to people trying to replace damaged parts. Salvage yards, private buyers, and repair shops are likely to be interested in your parted-out hatch or tailgate.

Stereo and Speakers

Even if you don’t have a high-end aftermarket system in your vehicle, plenty of buyers are on the lookout for replacement speakers and stereos. Some project car people want vintage parts when they’re trying to make the vehicle look all original. However, in most cases, if you have updated technology, you’ll probably make more.

AC System

The cooling system in your car can also be valuable to someone looking to replace a worn-out system or upgrade to AC in their vehicle. As long as everything is still intact and undamaged, you can probably make some money off it.

Engine, Transmission, and Transfer Case

These are the three potentially highest-ticket items in your car or truck, for the last part. Even with some problems, if they come from in-demand vehicles, it’s possible that DIY mechanics will want to buy and rebuild them.

Other Parts and How To Sell Them

There are a number of other parts you can get money from too, such as lights, the windshield, the radiator, and even wiper arms. If you have a vehicle with a removable hardtop, that can also be valuable. One of the best ways to sell classic car auto parts is to advertise your vehicle as being parted out. This is likely to attract DIY mechanics who know how to remove parts and will then buy them off you.

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