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What is a Car Firewall?

What is a Car Firewall?

Posted by Collectors Auto Supply on Sep 29th 2021

A vehicle firewall separates the engine compartment from the passenger compartment of an automobile. It increases passenger comfort and safety by providing multiple benefits to the driver and their passengers.

What is a Car Firewall’s Purpose?

The firewall of a vehicle serves two primary purposes. First, it helps to control temperature levels inside the automobile by insulating the passenger compartment from the heat that radiates from the engine.

Secondly, the firewall of a car can act as a sound deadening material to improve passenger comfort. By containing excess engine noise within the engine compartment, a car firewall reduces the level of ambient noise within the passenger compartment.

What is a Car Firewall Made Of?

In modern vehicles, the car firewall is made of pressed sheet metal plates. The firewall pad for a classic automobile is often constructed of fiberglass, or fiberboard coated with a durable, insulating material.

What Material is Used for Auto Firewall Seals?

Rubber grommets and silicon adhesives are used when a seal must be formed around a firewall fitting. However, you should keep in mind that sealants may not be able to withstand high enough temperatures to provide you with the thermal protection that properly fit firewalls typically offer.

Where is the Firewall on a Car?

An automotive firewall typically resides between the end of the engine compartment and the beginning of the passenger compartment. You can visualize this as a barrier immediately in front of your legs. Classic car firewall insulation is often installed around the engine compartment and even in the hood.

Where Can I Find Reliable Car Firewall and Restoration Parts?

Updating the firewall is a vital step in any classic car restoration project. We have many options to consider when looking to update, or replace your firewall pad. Feel free to take a look at what we can offer. Most people enjoy vintage cars for the feeling that comes from travelling in them. This makes their comfort a critical consideration.

On a cruise in a classic car, you don’t want to endure excess heat or annoying sounds. It should just be you, your passengers, and the sound of the road.

If you’re restoring a vintage vehicle for yourself, you’ll definitely regret overlooking or underestimating the significance of the car firewall. On the other hand, if you’re planning to resell your investment, then your business will benefit from maximizing your buyer’s comfort and safety by installing the proper insulation.

To ensure that you’re producing your best work, you’ll want to be confident that you’re sourcing the best materials. Moreover, you’ll want to ensure that you’re working with a classic car parts supplier that is knowledgeable, dependable, and collaborative.

At Collectors Auto Supply, we have a large selection of vintage auto parts for restoration of a diverse range of makes, models, and years. Better still, their exceptional quality and durability ensure that you have what you need to accomplish your best restoration work yet.

We have decades of experience in classic car restoration, so we understand the complexity of the task, but the joy of success. We’re passionate about putting the perfect products into productive hands. If you want to know more about the best car firewalls for your next vintage vehicle restoration, reach out to our team today.