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Package Tray for 1964-1965 Chevrolet Chevelle Hardtop 2-Door Rear Unpainted

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Cardboard / Fiberboard

1964-1965 Chevrolet Chevelle Package Tray

This Package Tray is specifically designed to fit 1964-1965 Chevrolet Chevelle vehicles with a 2 Door Hardtop body style.

This Package Tray covers the Rear area of the vehicle. This kit will arrive in pieces, and is built to resemble to originals as closely as possible.

This Package Tray is manufactured here in the United States, designed to replicate both the OEM specifications and quality of the originals found in the 1964-1965 Chevrolet Chevelle vehicles.

Package Tray Black

Nice headlights and bonnet! But when was the last time you paid attention to the butt of your car? A package tray is a shelf that sits between your car's back seat and rear windshield. You might not realize its absence until someone points out the gaping hole in the behind. Get this finished cardboard and fiberboard package tray to make your car look sexy from all sides.

• Available in your desired finish to go with the rest of your interior
• Manufactured in the US, designed from high-quality cardboard and fiberboard
• Easy to install, enhances the look of the rear end area to make the car look great from behind
• Finished and fashioned from copies of original package tray to ensure a perfect fit out of the box
• Shipped flat with scores in the fiberboard that you can fold and form for a perfect fit

Be sure to double check the fitment section and ensure this part fits your vehicle.

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What is a package tray? How does it get mounted to the vehicle?

A package tray, also sometimes called a parcel shelf or cargo cover, is a shelf located behind the rear seats in a car. It typically sits in the hatch area of a sedan or station wagon, or the trunk area of a coupe or convertible. The package tray mounts in a few ways depending on the car design:

  • Rear ledge: This is the most common mounting method. The package tray sits on a ledge that is part of the car's body structure behind the rear seats.
  • Clips or brackets: Some cars may use clips or brackets that attach the package tray to the car at specific points.
  • Trunk lid: In some hatchbacks or wagons, the package tray may be attached directly to the underside of the trunk lid.

How do I know if this Package Tray will fit my vehicle?

To see if this package tray will fit your vehicle, check the fitment section of this description (usually located above a heading like "Fitment"). If you see your vehicle's Year, Make, & Model listed there, then this package tray should be a perfect fit. We've carefully verified this fitment data to ensure accuracy. If you can't find your vehicle listed or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our team for a chat!

What material are replacement package trays made of?

The package trays we sell are made of a fiberboard material.

How much does a replacement package tray cost?

The price can vary depending on the car model, material, and complexity. They can range from around $70 to over $400.

Are these package trays flat, or molded?

Almost all of the package trays we sell are flat, with some requiring slight bending/molding during installation. As such, most of the package trays we sell are shipped flat, with a small percentage shipped rolled.

Do replacement package trays come pre-cut for speakers?

It depends on the vehicle and the design of the replacement piece. Some of our package trays come with speaker grills, or speaker holes. Others are solid with no holes and some come with customizable cutouts. Please see the description for further details on the particular item for your vehicle. If in doubt, give us a shout!

What colors or surface finishes are available for package trays?

Package trays can be produced in a variety of colors, and in some cases varying surface finishes typically made to replicate what the original finish would have been. Please ensure to check the description on each tray as this will vary.

I don't see a package tray for my application, can it be custom made?

If you have your original tray, we may be able to use it to pattern new. Please contact us to discuss this further.