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Window Sweeps Felt Kit Front Outer Right Hand for 1981-88 Buick/Olds Coupe 2Dr

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PR-WFR 1411 82
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WFR 1411 82
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WFR 1411 82
Specific Placement:
Front, Right, Outer
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Window Sweeps Felt Kit Belt Line Weatherstrip for Buick/Oldsmobile Coupe - Front Outer Right Hand 1981-88 Model

Oldsmobile Cutlass Weatherstrip Kit

Experience unmatched quality with the Window Sweeps Felt Kit Front Outer Right Hand for 1981-88 Buick/Olds Coupe 2Dr, the ideal choice for vintage car enthusiasts.

  • This kit eliminates rattling noises and maintains a tidy interior appearance
  • Avoid costly full replacements by targeting specific trouble areas with our partial kits
  • Durable weatherstrip pieces closely replicate OEM specifications to ensure authenticity and longevity

Tailored specifically for classic car owners like you, this window sweeps felt kit is designed to meet your restoration needs while providing reliable customer service. Take another step in restoring your beloved vehicle today!

This product is guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship. Our guarantee is valid only if our product has been properly installed in the vehicle for which it was designed to fit.

Q: What is a window sweep kit?

A: A window sweep kit is a set of replacement seals for car doors and windows. These seals block out water, wind, and noise, and help maintain temperature control. They wear out over time and replacing them improves comfort and performance.

Q: Do these kit include parts for all door windows?

We offer kits that include inner and outer sweeps, as well as outers only. We also offer driver or passenger side only. Please see item description for details to ensure you are getting the right kit!

Q: What are some alternative names for a Window Sweeps Kit?

A Window Sweeps kit may also be referred to by a few other names, depending on the manufacturer or context. Here are some alternative terms you might encounter:

  1. Window Felts
  2. Window Weatherstrips
  3. Window Seals
  4. Window Trim Kit
  5. Window Beltline Molding
  6. Window Run Channel Kit
  7. Window Fuzzies
  8. Window Scraper Kit
  9. Window Glass Run Channel
  10. Window Sash Kit

These terms may vary depending on the specific components included in the kit and the terminology used by different automotive manufacturers or parts suppliers.

Q: Do these kits come with installation hardware?

A: All the kits we sell, come with the necessary hardware to install.

What are window sweep replacements for classic cars made of?

Window sweep replacements for classic cars are typically made of rubber or felt materials. These materials are chosen for their durability and ability to effectively seal the window against water and debris. Rubber sweeps are often used for exterior window seals due to their weather-resistant properties, while felt sweeps are commonly employed for interior seals to provide a softer touch.

Both types of sweeps are designed to fit the specific contours of classic car windows and are crucial for maintaining the authenticity and functionality of the vehicle's original design. Some come with a chrome bead and others to not, please check the specifications to be sure. You can always reach out to us too if you want to be sure.