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Windshield Molding Clip for Toyota Tercel 1983-1988 39pc Precision PCK-448-83

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Molding Clip Kit; Windshield; 39 Piece Set

This windshield clip kit comes complete in a 39 piece kit.

Windshield Molding Clip
Imagine seeing a large gap right behind your kitchen sink in the wall tile and the window ledge. That's exactly how your car looks like without a windshield clipper. A windshield molding clip is a plastic trim piece placed between the brink of the windshield and the body of your vehicle. It provides an alternate channel to water by draining it on the sides of the firewall. Don't make your ride feel deprived, get one now!

•Manufactured in the US; expertly crafted from premium materials
•Assorted clips in various colors and designs; give your vehicle a neat look
•Made of top quality material; not susceptible to easy wear and tear
•Aid the surface run-off of water from your windshield
•Durably constructed to ensure longevity

Be sure to double check the fitment section and ensure this part fits your vehicle
This product is guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship. Our guarantee is valid only if our product has been properly installed in the vehicle for which it was designed to fit.

What type of clip do I need for my car?

This depends entirely on the year, make, and model of your classic car. Windshield molding clips come in various shapes and sizes to fit specific moldings and body panels. Please use the year, make, model selector tool to find the clips that will fit your vehicle. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us or chat with us online, and we'll do our best to answer them for you.

Are there generic windshield molding clips available?

While there might be some generic styles available, it's generally not recommended to use them on classic cars. Classic car moldings are designed for specific clips to ensure a proper fit, secure hold, and avoid damage to the molding or car body.

How difficult is it to replace windshield molding clips?

The difficulty of replacing windshield molding clips depends on the car's design and the clip itself. Some clips might simply snap in, while others might require removing parts of the molding or interior trim to access the mounting point. Consulting a repair manual or online guide for your specific car can help determine the replacement process.

Can I substitute a different type of clip if I can't find the exact one?

It's highly discouraged to substitute a different clip type. Using an incorrect clip might not secure the molding properly, potentially causing damage to the molding or allowing water leaks. It's always best to find the exact clip designed for your car's molding and mounting points.